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Privacy Statement

Urschel Laboratories, Inc. and all of its offices and employees worldwide take the privacy of our customers and vendors seriously.  Please read through our Privacy Statement and be assured that your information will be protected.

Who is covered?
Urschel’s Privacy Policy applies to any person who supplies their personal information, which is collected by Urschel so that we may do business with you.  

What information does Urschel collect?
Whether through an online inquiry, or through direct contact with you, Urschel collects and stores personal information from representatives of customers and vendors, including:

Anyone can visit Urschel.com without disclosing any personal information.  If you wish to submit an inquiry to Urschel through our website, you will be asked to review this Policy and provide consent to us receiving the information you alone provide. 

How does Urschel use personal information?
Urschel will use personal information that has been provided to:

Urschel does not receive personal information from third-party marketing services, through public records, or through other organizations.  Also, Urschel does not share the personal information of our customers and vendors with any third-party without your consent to do so.  

Urschel does not use cookies.

Urschel does not receive any personal information through its use of Google Analytics.

What can I do about my personal information being stored? 
If you do not want Urschel to keep your personal information, you may request that we delete it. You may also request that Urschel provide you with what personal information we have, how it is stored, and for it to be corrected if there are any mistakes. 
How is my information being protected?
Urschel’s primary aim is to make sure our customers’ and vendors’ information is safe from data breaches. We have security measures in place to keep your information protected and will promptly notify you if your data may have been accessed by unauthorized persons or entities, has been improperly disclosed or used, has been improperly maintained, or has been modified or deleted. All Urschel employees worldwide value your privacy and have a responsibility to safeguard your data.
Who do I contact about my personal information?
If you have any questions about how Urschel ensures your privacy, what personal information we may store, questions about having your personal data deleted or corrected, or generally about Urschel’s ability to protect your personal data, you may contact us directly at  privacy@urschel.com.
Data Protection Officers:  Eric Buss, Urschel Laboratories, Inc.; Richard Cranefield, Urschel International Ltd.; Megan Pikula, Urschel Laboratories, Inc.;
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